Stories of the Past, Present, and Future

By: Luigi Munar YY12


2 Major Events that Impacted the World in the Past (Before 2001)


World War 2 is an event that really devastated parts of the world especially in Europe and Asia. It all started when Adolf Hitler, the Chancellor of Germany, decided to invade Europe to show the might of Germany and the ideology that they are the supreme Aryan race of humans. Before then, he purged a lot of Jewish people living in Germany because he deemed them inferior and must be eradicated in the process. With his invasion of Poland, countries in Europe started to fall into Germany’s hands to the point that most of Europe are under Hitler’s rule. Then the allies of Hitler such as Japan also conquered countries in Asia in which they ruled with an iron fist. World War 2 really impacted the world because not only did a lot of people die in the war, a lot of destruction and chaos ensued in the countries that were greatly involved in the war. Governments and Economies took time to stabilize back to normal. There was a hunger crisis that was widespread across the globe the great effect that affected the world is that the US and USSR became major superpowers in the world and that it led to another whole new conflict which is the Cold War.


This leads us to the next major event that impacted the world before which is the Cold War specifically the space race between the US and USSR. The main reason why countries specifically these two wanted to dominate the space arena is to show how advance the country's resources have and to show dominance in terms of technology and intelligent capabilities of the winning country. These events eventually made impacts in terms of human advancement towards learning things beyond our world and technology. From the launching of Sputnik which started it all to the successful Apollo landings on the moon, these greatly showed how humans have become more advance than our predecessors in the past and how these events made advancements towards telecommunications, computer science, solar-powered technologies, and many more which made life easier and more advanced than anything ever before.

2 Major Events that Impacted the World from 2001–2020

9/11 Attacks

9/11 happened a few months after I was born. I would remember my mom telling me when I grew up how she reacted when news erupted the World Trade Centers were attacked by terrorists via crashing airplanes in the buildings. It greatly impacted the world because not only did it cause a lot off casualties in the aftermath, but it made the US invade Afghanistan and Iraq in order to destroy the forces behind the attack and also to get rid of a potential threat that could cause another world war right now and to dismantle Al-Qaeda and the Taliban out of power.

Rise of the Videogame Industry

With technology advancing, entertainment was one of those that got affected by it. Video games are one of the most known forms of technological entertainment that we have at our disposal. It all started before the 2000s but it wasn’t as dominant as it is now. From only using a console to play videogames to being able to play videogames even with your smartphones, it has greatly impacted the world because not only do we get to enjoy it ourselves but to connect with other people such as loved ones, online friends,and a lot more of people which connects us all together. it also paved way to be opportunities to make money by becoming a videogame streamer or an e-sports player which is now currently one of the gs people do nowadays especially in this time of pandemic in order to gain money or rewards but also to entertain people.

2 Major Events that may Impact the World in the Future.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic is one of the major events happening in the world that would have a lot of significant impact in the future. From a virus that was only in Wuhan, China to a global pandemic, it really devastated the world in a lot of ways. Firstly business started to shut down due to the lack of customers. Another is the unpreparedness of certain governments in handling the pandemic especially seen in our country which leads to the worsening of the cases and finally it greatly impacted our health mentally due to the constant fear of the virus and the quarantine that we have to endure for a long period of time. This pandemic would still show impacts in our future especially now that we are heading to a new normal due to this virus.

Implementation of an Online Education

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this caused a lot of social interaction and engagements to be banned to prevent further spread of the virus. Among them are schools. Nowadays, the mode of delivery in schools around the world is online. This made education sectors around the globe adjust to this new normal due to it not really being used fully. Now that we are required to stay at home, learning is now made online, and that it is likely to still be in the few years to come depending on the situation. With that, teachers would learn how to utilize technology in order to better deliver to the students the lessons that they should teach. If this turns out to be successful, maybe in the future classes will be digital instead of the regular face to face sessions.