BY: Luigi Munar yy12

Identity Politics have been emerging ever since the 21st century has struck. New perspectives flourish and begin to grow wherein it was considered taboo in the past. One of the biggest reasons it flourished in this timeline is that people who are part of communities and…

By: Luigi Munar yy12

News is one of the most important sources of information we get in the present time. News relays to us the public current events and happenings that are currently ongoing or have been done locally and internationally. Therefore news makes us become informed people about the…



In this blog, I would compare the democracies of three countries in Asia namely Singapore, the Philippines, and Japan. I would be using the V-DEM 5 indices to compare the three countries to determine The 5 indices are following: Deliberative, Egalitarian, Electoral, Liberal, and Participatory.

The Variable Graphs of the 5 indices of the three countries


Slums in Metro Manila during the Duterte Administration


Poverty is a state of a person when he or she can’t provide or have access to basic needs such as food, clothes, and shelter. This is because those who are classified as living in poverty lack the financial resources due to low-income employment that isn’t…

By: Luigi Munar YY12


As the world continues to move on forward, we experience a lot of events that surely impacted the world. From the time of pre-history, classical era, middle ages, Renaissance, 19th century and now the 21st century, a lot of them really affected not us humans but…

Luigi Munar

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